We offer GD soft cup packers, including fully rebuilt, rewired and upgraded machines, audits, PLC conversions and format kits.

Our standard rebuild includes upgrade kits such as:

  • Up to 360 packs per minute
  • PLC conversion built to customers’ specification
  • Optical cigarette ends detectors
  • Vacuum band foil delivery system
  • 1st wheel to 2nd wheel follower forks group
  • Pneumatic conversion of electrical solenoids
  • Oil to grease conversion of 2nd, 3rd and 4th wheel gearboxes
  • Exit clutch on X1
  • Label and stamp reel conversion
  • Level and stamp stack conversion
  • Adjustable stamp hopper
  • Fully integrated guard system interlocked for operator safety

CME also offer size change kits to suit our own – and third party – equipment.