Our standard cartoner is robust, efficient and easy to use and maintain. It is able to produce a wide range of carton shapes and packet collations at a speed of up to 42 cartons per minute.

Our machines can be used as standalone units and are supplied with:

  • Standard in-feed with a selection of packet orientation devices
  • External collators for the complex carton design
  • Side band conveyors to offer direct link with output from up-stream equipment.
  • Quick change option

The maximum operating speed depends on the size, number and collation of wrapped packs being cartoned.

We can also build the machine to suit our customers’ requirements including features such as:

  • Left or right in-feed
  • Adhesive application options (cold PVA, hot melt)
  • PLC control system built to customers’ specification
  • Sophisticated detector system
  • Faulty cartons rejected prior to exit from machine
  • European or American type carton
  • Various carton designs
  • Emboss code date options
  • Label applicators

CME also offer size change kits to suit our own – and third party – equipment