CME Stamper

Two variants of the CME-designed hinged lid packet tax stamper are available – one which produces 225 packs per minute and the other 300 packs per minute. Both are capable of placing tax stamps in the three most popular positions shown below.


Stamp Positions


CME also offers bespoke tax application machines designed and built to suit the product and stamp requirements, as well as tax stamp position conversion or size change on existing machinery. In addition, we provide GD style AB stamp applicators supplied with the necessary fitment kit to upgrade an existing machine. 

All machinery is built to a high standard and includes:

  • PLC conversion built to customers’ specification
  • Independent drive for standalone application
  • Adhesive application options including open pot or HHS programmable system
  • Standalone or incorporated into machinery complexes
  • Various stamp positions
  • Optional stamp serration
  • Sensor or camera stamp detection
  • Multiple in-feed positions 

CME also offer size change kits to suit our own - and third party - equipment.