CME has worked with the world’s largest cigarette producers for over three decades, including designing a range of machines to produce niche or novel pack formats. We have also applied this expertise to other industries such as beverage and pharmaceutical customers.

Once a packaging design has been approved, our engineers design and manufacture high quality machinery to fit the product perfectly.

We use 3D printing to streamline the development process and have our own printers, which allows us to design and make a part to test within a very short timescale.

New systems are rigorously tested throughout the design and development process to ensure quality and reliability. These range from simple bench-top checks, through more sophisticated and representative technology-proving examinations, to testing of all the parts of the final machine design.

Our extensive experience includes high speed making, packing, stamping and wrapping machinery and we design and manufacture to GAMP standards as required. We can also validate our machinery to meet other pharmaceutical requirements, such as Annex 11 and 21 CFR Part 11, which is vital for products which have to be licenced as a medicine.