At the start of any packaging project we take the time to engage with our customers so that we fully understand their requirements. We run workshops with key internal stakeholders to discuss ideas and conduct insight-generating consumer and market research.

Understanding the needs of consumers helps inspire the packaging brief and ensures that, ultimately, the innovation is creative and successful.

We use many different methods to gain fresh packaging insight. Semiotic analysis – studying the meaning of symbols and signs – is particularly helpful in understanding what pictures, colours and textures mean to your target customers, while category and market analysis generate further understanding of key drivers, and focus groups are an ideal platform for developing new ideas.

We also have a wide range of tools to use for evaluation and inspiration throughout the design process. These include qualitative focus groups, online interviews and quantitative assessments.

The needs of each packaging project are different and we would propose a bespoke research plan for each one, depending on the existing insight available, timing and objectives.